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Yes, this is the official Twitter account of Ukraine. Офіційний акаунт твоєї Неньки. Ukraine …

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: Over the past year, Ukraine’s soldiers have fought valiantly for their country. Ukraine’s people have shown deep courage in the face of Russian cruelty.

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#COREPERII: EU ambassadors today approved the establishment of an ad hoc working party on the use of frozen and immobilised Russian assets to support Ukraine´s …

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Provided and expected assistance in overcoming the Russian war consequences in Ukraine will strengthen ties on our common way to EU. Wishing well- …

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Stay informed about the latest updates from Ukraine through experts and on-the-ground sources.

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5️⃣ The partners are working together on training for the Ukrainian Armed Forces through training initiatives. These crucial steps make the victory of … (@ukraine_ua) / Twitter

#Ukraine: A Russian 04e0596 VTOL UAV was downed by the Ukrainian army in #Kherson Oblast. It was carrying a very interesting munition – a OF-62 76mm HE-FRAG …

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Hello friends, I am the author of the Ukraine news page live on Twitter, … provide spare parts to #Kyiv and organize training for the #Ukrainian military.

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Follow the War in Ukraine Topic on Twitter. You’ll see top Tweets from a number of accounts that are experts, fans or just tend to talk about War in Ukraine …

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